Benefits of Yerba Mate

Analyzes and studies on yerba mate have revealed a composition that identifies various nutritional, physiological and medicinal properties in the product, which gives it a great potential of use. The master botanist Renato Kaspary, in a 1991 publication on yerba mate and Eunice Valduga, in a dissertation to obtain the master’s degree (95), bring various information about it.

In the chemical constitution of yerba mate, appear:

Alkaloids (caffeine, methylxanthine, theophylline and theobromine), tannins (folic and caffeic acids), vitamins (A, B1, B2, C and E), minerals (aluminum, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, manganese and potassium) Proteins (essential amino acids), glycines (fructose, glucose, raffinose and sucrose), lipids (essential oils and wax substances), as well as cellulose, dextrin, saccharin and gums.

Thus, Kaspary considers, “yerba mate is considered an almost complete food because it contains almost all the nutrients necessary for our organism.”

There is also an extensive list of therapeutic properties of yerba mate, especially because of the presence of alkaloids, such as caffeine, in its composition.

It is mainly emphasized that the yerba mate is stimulant of the physical and mental activity, acting beneficially on the nerves and muscles eliminating the fatigue. It is also observed that the stimulant power of yerba mate is more prolonged than that of coffee, without leaving any side or residual effects such as insomnia and irritability. On the other hand, yerba mate acts on the circulation, accelerating the heart rate and harmonizes the bulb-medullary functioning. It also acts on the digestive tract, facilitates digestion and favors evacuation and urination. It is still considered a great remedy for skin and regulates the functions of the heart and breathing, and plays an important role in cell regeneration.

Yerba mate, according to international research institutes, is a stimulant tonic of the heart and nervous system: it eliminates depressive states, giving the muscle greater capacity of resistance to fatigue, without causing side effects. After studies on the physiological effects of yerba mate, it was concluded: The use of infusion increases muscle strength, develops mental faculties, tones the nervous system, regulates and regenerates the functions of the heart and breathing, facilitates digestion and determines a sensation of well-being and vigor in the body, without causing depressions or any side effect in the body, such as insomnia, palpitations or nervous agitation caused by other similar drinks. The yerba mate allows, as good and natural food, that hunger and fatigue be supported.

Yerba mate contains high proportions of vitamin E, effective in the regulation of sexual functions, besides being an indispensable element for the skin.

The analyzes done with the yerba mate leaves show that this plant has vitamins, appearing on a larger scale those of the B complex; It also has calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron and fluorine, essential minerals to life.

Yerba mate is rich in pantothenic acid, found on a smaller scale in the so-called royal jelly of the bees, much sought after by the medicinal characteristics that it possesses.

Ricardo Marques

Hello! I live here in Brazil where the best native yerba mate grows and I want to explain a little bit more about it.

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