– The Best of Yerba Mate!

What is Yerba Mate?

When the Spaniards arrived in Brazil, they found the Guarani Indians gentle and receptive, using a drink sipped in gourds by means of a straw, prepared with leaves from a native tree of the region, called Caá, saying that this herb had been given to them by the god Tupã. Immediately the Spaniards acquired the habit and began to drink yerba mate, from soldiers to officers, without distinction of social classes.

The yerba mate, traditional and salutary habit of southern Brazil, is a symbol of the hospitality of the gaucho, who always offers the yerba mate to any visitor. Nowadays, the infusion is drunk in a gourd where we deposit the ground yerba mate and from where we sip the liquid (hot water without boiling), through a metal pump.

The healthy habit of drinking yerba mate is widespread, both in the rural and urban areas, and is part of the Gaucho’s life from dawn to night when he finishes his daily tasks.

It is mainly emphasized that the yerba mate is stimulant of the physical and mental activity, acting beneficially on the nerves and muscles eliminating the fatigue. It is also observed that the stimulant power of yerba mate is more prolonged than that of coffee, without leaving any side or residual effects such as insomnia and irritability. On the other hand, yerba mate acts on the circulation, accelerating the heart rate and harmonizes the bulb-medullary functioning. It also acts on the digestive tract, facilitates digestion and favors evacuation and urination. It is still considered a great remedy for skin and regulates the functions of the heart and breathing, and plays an important role in cell regeneration.

Yerba Mate Fights Bad Cholesterol, Diabetes and Even Slims, causing an average fall of 10% to 12% in bad cholesterol during a survey conducted by UFSC.