How to Prepare the Yerba Mate

Learn how to prepare a tasty chimarrão with yerba mate here!

1) Fill the gourd (container) with 2/3 of yerba mate.

2) Cover the gourd and tilt it to the point of touching the yerba mate on one side. You can use a lid, dish or even your hands to cover the gourd.

3) In the vacant part you should put the tepid water (just to start your chimarrão). When putting warm water you do not burn the yerba mate. Very hot water burns the yerba mate causing a more bitter taste than normal. In the other gourds, the correct water is the one that squeaks in the kettle or 64ºC, without letting it boil.

4) Cover the mouth of the pump with your thumb and place it inside the gourd by lowering it close to your wall, so that it is not in the middle of the yerba mate and does not block your chimarrão. If the water goes down after you remove your finger from the pump, your chimarrão will be ready. If you prefer, use a filter for the pump. The filter prevents clogging of the pump, this way you concentrate solely on enjoying the taste of the yerba mate.

5) Now, all you need to do is taste the delicious yerba mate.

Ricardo Marques

Hello! I live here in Brazil where the best native yerba mate grows and I want to explain a little bit more about it.

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